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    Announcing auditions for a July production of BIRTHDAY SUITE 
directed by Kris Anderson. 
 Where: CurtainCall Theatre 210 Old Loudon Road, Latham 
 When: 7 PM Monday April 4 
 Needed: 3 Men and 2 women 30-50 
   "This fast moving comedy from the author of DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER 
takes place in two adjoining hotel rooms. Geoff Tippett has arranged a 
special birthday treat for his old stick-at-home friend, Bob, whose 
marriage is fast approaching the rocks. The treat is a hotel room for 
the night, complete with champagne, a double bed which folds up into 
the wall, and a very attractive girl called Mimi who happens to be a 
little late...add also a shy Kate who anxiously awaits her 
computer-agency date for the evening--Dick, a psychiatrist who has been 
shown into the wrong room, Bob's wife Liz, who believes she is dining 
with Geoff, and, most important of all, a connecting door between the 
two rooms which has inadvertently been left unlocked. Comic chaos and 
confusion reign as the foursome try to sort themselves out, aided and 
abetted by the temperamental Italian waiter Tony, until Bob provides a 
surprising solution!"   
    Seeking 5 actors skilled at farce with great comic timing and an 
ability for physical comedy.   
    For more info call CurtainCall Theatre at 877-PLAY or visit their 
website at www.curtaincalltheatre.com. 


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