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Please announce the following auditions, sent as a copy and paste and as 
an attachment to your members.  Thank you.  - Laura Margolis

Casting Notice for upstate Actors.

Stageworks/Hudson will be holding Equity Principal Auditions for their 
2005 Mainstage season.  Auditions will be held in Hudson, NY (35-40 
minutes south of Albany) on April 20 by appointment.

Non-Equity actors are welcome to call to set up an appointment for April 

Please read on for a Casting Breakdown

General Information:
Stageworks/Hudson - 2005 Season - EPA's
Equity Principal (SPT 6 contract)
Location:  41 Cross Street, Hudson, NY 12534
Equity Date of Audition:  4/20/05
Time: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM - Equity Principal Auditions
# EPA Rules are in effect - Bring your Equity Membership Card.
Auditions are by appointment (518-828-7843)

Non-Equity Auditions:
Location:   41 Cross Street, Hudson, NY 12534
Non-Equity Date of Audition:  4/21/05
Time:  11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Auditions are by appointment (518-828-7843)

Executive Artistic Director, Laura Margolis; Producing Artistic Director and
director, Deena Pewtherer Thomas Coash, Director of New Play Development and

Sides will be provided at audition. It is strongly suggested that actors
read the published plays that they are interested in before the audition.
(All plays are published except the PLAY BY PLAY one-acts.)
Please bring a Picture and Résumé, stapled together.

Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

2005 Season
Stageworks/Hudson, an Equity SPT 6 theater in Hudson, NY, is auditioning for
their 2005 season which runs April 25 - November 20.
The season consists of the following: PLAY BY PLAY (Begin
rehearsals April 25, Open May 18, Close June 5), a one-act play festival of
eight orginal short plays by Israel Horovitz, Allan Knee, Robert Caisley,
Jason James Etter, Mikhail Horowitz, Lucile Lichtblau, Ronan Noone, Eric
Henry Sanders. Actors play a wide variety of parts (most actors play 4 to 5
different roles), UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL by Glen Berger (Begin rehearsals
June 27, Open July 20, Close August 7), JESUS HOPPED THE 'A' TRAIN by
Stephen Adly Guirgis (Begin rehearsals August 29, Open September 21, Close
October 9), and THE ILLUSION, Tony Kushner's adaptation of Corneille's
"L'Illusion Comique." (Begin rehearsals October 10, Open November 2, Close
November 20)

We are seeking actors to play the following -
PLAY BY PLAY - Festival of new one-act plays:
1.    Female: 25-35 years old. Roles include: American film noir type babe
and an Irish (with accent) farm hand.
2.    Male: 25-40 years old. Roles include: American film noir down and
out detective type and an Irish (with accent) farm hand.
3.    Male: 50-60 years old. Roles include: Irish (with accent) farm owner
and an aging but vibrant American gay man.
4.    Male: 30-50, African American. Roles include: a well spoken,
educated man seeking answers to his past.
5.    Female, 50-65 years old. Roles include: American eccentric cat lover
and an aging femme fatale film star.

JESUS HOPPED THE 'A' TRAIN (Prison, modern day):
1.    Male, 20-35 years old, Angel Cruz, Puerto Rican American,
intelligent, fiery, of the NYC streets.
2.    Male, 35-50 years old, Lucius Jenkins, African American, serial
killer, former junkie on death row who has found Jesus.
3.    Male, 30-50 years old, D'Amico, an understanding, intelligent prison
4.    Male, 30-50 years old, Valdez, angry, bigoted, prison guard.
5.    Female, 25-40 years old, Mary Jane Hanrahan, sincere, hard-working,
still idealistic defense lawyer.

1.    Male, 30-50 years old, Dutch librarian. Inquisitive, tenacious,
polite, nice man, searching for meaning and his place in the universe.

THE ILLUSION (Set in a cave, south of France, 17th Century):
1.    Pridamant - Male, 50-60 years old, Aging Father in search of the son
he disowned years ago. Successful, stern, flinty, stingy, lonely, now
2.    Alcandre - Male/Female, 30-60 years old, Powerful, charismatic,
wise, enigmatic, ageless sorcerer. Totally in charge of his/her world.
3.    Male, 20-30 years old, Pridamant's handsome, prodigal son. Actor,
lover, dueler, poet. Driven by his various needs. Plays a variety of
4.    Male, 20-30 years old, The Son's rival in all things. Actor, lover,
dueler, poet. A bit fiercer, colder, and more experienced then Son.  Plays a
variety of characters.
5.    Female, 20-30 years old, beautiful, stylish, witty leading lady
who's charms spark the conflicts between the rivals. Plays a variety of
6.    Female, 20-30 years old, Striking, vivacious, cunning, witty
supporting actress/maid/companion who's needs also spark conflicts between
the rivals. Plays a variety of characters.
7.    Matamore, Male, 30-60 years old, Actor, lunatic, lover, boaster of
great but fictitious deeds, name-dropper, not too bright, buffoon. The butt
of many pranks.

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