In May of 2004 a group of people were talking about how difficult it was to publicize auditions to the general public. Each theater might have their own distribution list and many of the local directors would have their own list of actors they had worked with, but actually getting the word out to new people was extremely difficult. Sending postings to the local newspapers would only occasionally get published and were rarely correct when they did turn up in print. But this conversation was held in the RPI Playhouse around the production of Man of La Mancha, and RPI students and alumni are always the sort to throw a technology solution at the problem.

After consultation with Laura Andruski, the director of Man of La Macha, it was decided to create the Capital District Auditions Mailing List, it would start out populated with Laura’s kept list of actors, and Laura would be the first moderator. On June 15, 2004, the first audition posting was sent to the list, for a production of LUV by Murray Schigal sponsored by Circle Theater Players at the Sand Lake Center for the Arts.

Today there are more than 2700 people signed up for the auditions list, and nearly 300 signed up for the announcements sister-list (intended for theatrical audiences, rather than practitioners).

Posts to both lists are always checked by a moderator to ensure that only appropriate content is sent to our subscribers. On the auditions list this means audition postings, calls for technical crew members, ushers, etc., and advertisements for services that are appropriate for actors or technical crew such as headshots, workshops, etc. Advertisements for services or activities that will require payment to participate are required to include “FEE REQUIRED” in their subject line.

Capital District Auditions Mailing List

An open mailing list for anyone who wishes to receive audition notices for the New York Capital District theater scene. Nearly 2800 people currently receive postings from more than 70 local theater companies as well as casting notices for commercials, indie movies, and occasional Hollywood films and Broadway casting calls.

Capital District Announce Mailing List

An open mailing list for anyone who wishes to receive announcements concerning upcoming theatrical productions that they may wish to attend. This list is intended for audience members.